Tube & Vial Filling Systems With over 30 years of precision filling experience, ONLINE Engineering can help you move from labor intensive manual filling production to one of our automated solutions. Ranging from semi to fully automatic, each machine is as unique as your product. If there isn’t a MultiFILL™ system for your product, contact us to see what options may be available for a custom filling system. Get in Touch

MultiFILL™ Tube & Vial Filling Systems

MultiFILL™ MODEL 124

This compact, semi-automatic system supplies tubes from a hopper to a transport carousel and quickly and precisely fills the tube. The operator places caps onto the tubes between cycles and the system tightens the caps. This system accommodates tubes and vials of varying dimensions via the use of optional change parts.

MultiFILL™ MODEL 109

Provides the same functions as the Model 124, adding automation of the cap placement and the option for bowl feeding of tubes.

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ONLINE Engineering has a wide range of ancillary services that can help you extend the life of your product and equipment. We provide pouring supplies, petri dishes, spare parts, service calls  and warranty services. When you buy a petri dish filling machine or a test-tube or bottle filling machine from ONLINE Engineering you not only receive one of the most reliable and well-engineered machines ever built, but you also obtain access to our parts, supplies and services. For more information about any of these products or services, please contact ONLINE Engineering!

Other Filling Systems

MultiFILL™ MODEL 151

This compact, fully automatic system transports bottles along an infeed conveyor, removes the caps, quickly and precisely fills the bottles, replaces and tightens the cap, and transfers the bottles to the outfeed conveyor. This system accommodates square bottles of varying dimensions via the use of optional change parts.

MultiFILL™ MODEL 112

The MultiFILL™ dipslide filling system processes dipslides. This fully automatic system transfers dipslides from an infeed rail, quickly and precisely fills, transports slides on a belt conveyor along the drying tunnel, inverts the slide and repeats the process for the second side of the slide. Completed slides exit the system at the operator end of the system via the outfeed rail. This system accommodates slides of varying dimensions via the use of optional change parts.

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